It Is Time To Shake Up The Oil And Gas Industry

3D animation for the oil and gas industry

An inventor has announced his plans to revolutionise the oil and gas industry. He plans to shake up the industry across the globe with what he describes as his biggest idea ever.

In an interview with the Press and Journal, Mr Pukis has been described as a real life version of the character Caractacus Potts from the children’s film Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. In the interview Mr Pukis explained that his house is so full of inventions that he has created over the years, that his wife can’t walk more than a few steps without setting something off.

Mr Pukis is convinced that his latest invention is about to go off with a bang in the oil and gas industry. He has apparently created something that will blow traditional oil and gas industry well intervention methods out of the water.

With his new invention, Mr Purkis explains that there will be a new way to carry out downhole interventions. As previously mentioned, he describes this as his biggest idea ever and also explains that it removes any cost involved with moving heavy equipment to and from a location.

At the moment, the details involved in the invention are confidential and Mr Pukis is not giving away any more than he has to. But, in his interview, Mr Pukis did use words like dissoluble and disposable. He also talked about a downhole intervention tool that was similar to mobile phone technology, some sort of electronic circuit that is cheap enough to throw away when it has served its purpose.

invention pioneeringIn the interview, Mr Pukis then grabbed a few inventions from a shelf that gave the interviewer a glimpse of where technology in the oil and gas industry may be heading. The inventions picked by Mr Pukis were produced using 3D printing technology. He continued to explain to the interviewer that 3D printing was making a huge difference in the offshore market.

Currently, components used offshore come in many strange and complex shapes. In future, 3D printers will allow those businesses in the offshore markets to quickly produce the components they require.

Mr Pukis launched a business with his partner Paul Higginson. The company named Well-Sense, aims to become a leading provider of downhole solutions in the oil and gas market.

You may be questioning whether this mystical invention will ever take off. But, before you make up your mind you should know that FrontRow Investment Management company have invested over six hundred thousand pounds in the firm.