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Importance of Organic Keywords – by SEO Heroes

In the following blog I am going to explain you why keyword ranking is important in the SEO industry. During my 10 years experience working as an SEO manager I have learnt a couple of tricks and techniques how to obtain the right niche keywords to gain attention for your target audience. Every business try to obtain top ranking because of traffic and lead opportunities that comes with it. With the evolution of paid advertising and expansion of universal search. The opportunities related to the traditional keyword is diminishing.

According to Henry Manges at SEO Hero Studio “Keywords drive traffic to your site for free this makes them beneficial for every business. Keywords are phrases or words that readers use to search what they are looking for. Some of the keywords get thousands of searches whereas some might get hundreds.  It is imperative to put some time and thought when selecting keywords.”

This article focuses on whether the organic keywords are still important or not.

Keyword ranking is not the only way to connect

Previously getting top organic rank on Google was the only method to draw interest of new readers to a site. Many years ago, people were not aware of the full potential of social media and its impact on web. At that time everyone was investing in content of top lists and how to articles.

As a result of this boom in social networking, businesses had access to free mediums. They were capable of attracting new customers to their site. In recent times, there are plethora of social media platforms to join and 320 million blogs around the world.

Furthermore, it is impossible to find a brand that is not connected to the directory hosts such as Yelp. These directories help those clients whose online credibility is not impressive. This leads to their less authoritative clients to rank well within organic results.

Focus on Conversions

When organic ranking was the only way to connect with customers. Building links and stuffing keywords was a great choice. Nowadays, there are many free mediums to connect with target audience. It is easy for businesses to recognize the relevant environments that can be targeted for conversions. With the help of such mediums, businesses can focus on maximizing qualified conversions.

Common problem with the keyword ranking is that any reader can click on the link of a site. They can immediately leave because the title tag and Meta description didn’t match with the content. Furthermore, it is easy for businesses to build strong social media following. Any form of engagement can improve everything from brand awareness to revenue. Keywords ranking is not a proactive medium of interaction.

Importance of Keyword Rankings

Organic ranking is still one of the most important and powerful tool for business. So that can easily connect with new consumers. SEO heros and digital marketing experts can maximize their traffic and conversion opportunities. With the help of keyword rankings, they can create quality content around the keywords their target customers use for searches. As a result of this, the businesses can increase their traffic and get quality conversion.

Overall, for achieving success there must be a combination of SEO, social media and other related mediums. You must keep in mind that keywords must be optimized carefully over the whole article.